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This site offers you the choice of “OEM” meaning that the part is a Original  Equipment Manufactured supplied OEM product provided by  way of  the Marvel factory or  the “Alternate Manufactured” / "Quality AfterMarket" products meaning compatable replacement parts of a comparable  quality (often better than original) at a savings.  Brought to you by: Wayco Sales, Inc.

Replacement parts available for many other brand name machines as well (including but not limited to Hyd-Mech, HEM, WF Wells, Amada, DoAll, Jet and more.  Call for further assistance.

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In recent years Marvel made the choice made to put their focus back into their  machines and are no longer offering the saw blades. If you are looking for a  replacement blade for your cutting needs, the High-Quality-American-Made blades  produced by SIMONDS are a highly recommended blade for all your cutting needs,  from structural steel to the cutting of stainless steels and exotic alloys.  Simonds has been Specializing in the manufacturing of saw blades since 1832.  Made right here in the USA, in Fitchburg, Mass.   Brought to you by: Wayco Sales,  Inc.



Some of the information used on the pages within this and the other web pages may be adapted from literature from our suppliers (including, but not limited to: Armstrong-Blum Mfg Co./ Marvel Mfg Co. and Simonds International).  All use of Original Equipment Manufacturers Names and Part Numbers is for reference only. We are not directly affiliated with any Original Equipment Manufacturers, except in the way of being a distributor for them. Marvel® is a registered trademark / copyright of Marvel Manufacturing, Inc. Simonds is a registered trademark / copyright of Simonds International.


Replacement parts available for many brand machines (including but not limited to Hyd-Mech, HEM, WF Wells, Marvel, Amada, DoAll, Jet, and more).
Call for further assistance.